When it is during hard time, the strippers may charge at least 85 up to 100 dollars and you have to pay this when she arrives to work for you. If you book the stripper from a booking agent, then you will have to add at least 85 percent over this price. The price will also depend of where the event will take place. In case the stripper has to drive over 200 miles in order to come to you, you will have to pay more compared to when she lives near you. If she has to make a long drive, you will have to contribute to the petrol. The price can be negotiable if you are hiring her during the weekdays but this is not that same if you are hiring on the weekend.

The price will depend on the quality of the service

Sometime you can find the agencies that supply aged or overweight dancers for a low price of 60 dollars. However, this is a cheap quote and you may not find the best results.

If you want to hire a professional stripper, you will need to pay a higher price. Always ask to get the contract during the booking from an agency and ensure that you asked for the image of the stripper. When you are quoted a cheaper price, you have to be sure of what service to expect from the stripper.

Depending on how much you are willing to pay, the show can outrageous or raunchy as you wish. The strippers can tone down and they can offer the dance with just g-string.

You can have the stripper come to you wherever you want, it can be at a club, pub, restaurant, the work or to your place. However, you have to know that if you wish to take her in a public place, you should get a permission to do so.

How long the stripper should dance

The normal stage dance takes at least 15 minutes. This means that the stripper needs to have enough places where she can perform or do other things.

If you want to book for a girl to come to your home, party or an office, then you will have to do this at least a month before the time you need to book.

When it comes to the price, always keep in mind that you get what you are paying for. Even if you can easily get a stripper to perform for 50 dollar per an hour, you should not expect the same service as for the stripper who you pay 300 dollars per an hour.

After paying the normal price, you should also expect to pay a tip after the performance. Ensure that other guests are aware of this and if they do not pay, then you should cover for her tip. You should let them know that if they want to enjoy a good show, they would bring big bills. However, regardless of how much you tip the stripper, it is not good to ask her to give you the change.

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