If you want to pick up a stripper from the strip club, you have to know that it is normally different from how you would pick up a girl from a club and a bar.

The strip club is the favorite of many men when it comes to pick up the women. You should consider the logistics. You will be surrounded by scantily clad and gorgeous women. The alcohol will be flowing and the element of seduction will be in place starting from the lighting and music and all the hot girls will want to get your attention.

Some men are happy to visit the strip club and to spend their cash on the lap dance or other superficial conversation without any need to take the girl home.

When you visit the company, you have to keep the following in mind

Go in the strip club with your mind already set; you should go there when you are confident and more interesting compared to other 99 percent of the customers. The strippers do spend most of their time with men who are predictable and have tedious conversation. When you show that you are not this type, then she is going to be surprised.

If you enter into the club, make sure that you walked the head held high; this will show that you are familiar with this place. You should not mill around or luck as if you are not sure of where you are. You should get a seat and the best seat is near a speaker. You should not seat in a pervert row. This is the seat at the front of a stage.

How to deal with a stripper

If you see the stripper you like and she wants to approach you, then avoid to have her sitting on your lap. Let her sit near you. When you become playful and cocky, it will show that you are confident, you understand her game better, and you are not willing to follow up the script she has written.

If she is offering a dance, pretend and act as if you did not hear what she said. When you deal with the girl, you have to make sure that you are in control of the interaction and avoid that he uses her script at you.

Make sure that you kept the eyes away of the body and maintain the eye contact instead. You should never comment of how she is looking but say that she is just cute. You should be respectful of what she does and do not use the term stripper but dancer. If you want to pick up a stripper, it is better to go when it is slow night since there will be no many customers who will be looking to get their attention. As you continue to talk with the girl, make sure that you scored her phone number and make her agree to meet with you after the shift. If you have decided to meet with the girl, prepare a place where you can meet and the best place should be near where she works.

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