If you have ever wanted to meet an escort, then internet is the best source to find the girl you dream about. You will find classified sites where you can enjoy meeting Asian girls but remember that it is also a place for psychopath, swingers and punters.

If you want to avoid having to deal with fake ads, then be on the lookout of the following:

1. Is she sounding native?

If someone has been spelling and poor grammar, it can be the sign of the scam. They can be foreigners that pretend to be in the town and they are working shady scams from miles. They can ask for personal information and you have to treat this as the red flag.

2. Check the photos

Some escorts may be using different photos from different people and they may not be looking the same. If you find this, then know that you may be dealing with a bait and switch. When you decide to see this girl, you do have to be surprised that the person you meet may be different of who you have seen in the picture. You should check if the photos look clear and they are not too blurry. If you want to get to know more about the pictures, you can use Google image search. The software can bring out other images of that same person.

3. Know more about the spammers

You should pay attention to the contacts you have. If you do send many messages, you should pay attention and keep the records. You may find out that the same person is using different accounts if you keep up with their grammar, messaging style and vocabulary. People may create different accounts using different names and they may be waiting for you so that you can take the bait.

4. Become the snoop

Escorts may decide to post on the Backpage or Craiglist since it is free to post and easy. You should not be afraid if it comes to do some snooping around and see if these people are at the dating sites. You may come to understand a person that you are dealing with if you keep up with their digital trail.

5. Follow the instinct

If your instincts tell you that there is something bad going on, then you should not try to risk it. If you decide to act on a bad feeling, then the entire night can go wrong.

6. Get a face of a voice

If you are not sure that you met with someone or if you want to confirm of who the person is, then you may ask her to cam chat. In this way, the two of you will have peace of mind. However, if she does not want to do so, then you will be having a problem.
When you cam chat with someone, you will be aware of what you are expecting since you will be able to know the girl at the screen. When it comes to choosing the escort of your dreams, then you should know where to look.

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