If you are the one planning for a bachelor party, you should keep the following in mind.

  • Be on top: Ensure that all the people needed responded and that they are on time since your job is to make sure that everything goes in a smooth way.
  • Don’t hold a party just the night before the wedding: Even if you may have watched many movies with the bachelor party just the night before the wedding, you should now that the bride will not be willing to have a red eyed groom with a hangover.
  • Have the bachelor party in three weeks: Even if some people you invited especially these who are out of the town may not make it, you can still hold a party with the people you have. Having enough time between the bachelor party and a wedding, it will be great to all people involved.
  • Don’t think that each person at the party has enough money to spend: Even if you may think that it is good to have the party at a penthouse, it will be better if you keep in mind that everyone will not be able to afford it. Before you decide to book something, which is too crazy, then you should check with other people to know their budget.
  • Pay for the expenses of the groom: Since it is his party, you should pay for him. You can split up among all the people who will attend; however, you have to ensure that each person will be ok with this. If it is not possible to split up, you can ask everyone to pay whatever he can cover for the groom.
  • Keep away from something that it is dangerous or stupid: You should not do anything that may put the groom into the cast up to the time of the wedding.
  • Make sure that you included physical activities: While keeping in the rule of not hurting the groom, it will not mean that you have to sit down the entire weekend. You can play darts or hula-hoop contest.
  • You should not invite the guests whom the groom will not approve: If you are aware that the groom is not getting along with someone, you should not invite him. It is also good if you learn the guest list with the groom first.
  • The more the merrier: Inviting just four people to the party will not make it a happy ending, you should try to invite as many as possible as far as you know the groom approve. In this way, things cannot be stale and you will not have to deal with a bored groom.
  • Include a naptime: If the party is for the entire weekend, you should include time to relax and to recharge on Saturday. This is to make sure that the Saturday night everyone will be ready.

Do not hire stripper is the groom does not like it and make sure that the party reflect the interest and personality of a groom.

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