When it comes to male escorts, everyone ask herself why would a woman pay to get sex while she can get sex free of charge. However, some women do not have a problem when it comes to pay to get sex. Women who pay for commercial sexual services are increasing on daily basis. When it comes to women who book for escort, they do not want to get sex only. The male escorts are there to offer emotional support, physical pleasure and emotional pleasure. For women, they want someone to listen to them and who is not going to judge. The escort will not pity or try to cure them. The male escort does not have to be paid always to have sex but there are many things involved into this.

A woman, starts by calling the agency and after the booking agent listened to her needs and requirement, he will then book her the boy she thinks will meet her needs. A female client is allowed to book only six up to eight bookings with one male escort to avoid any case of having to develop any feeling towards the escort or to be too attached to him. The service of a male escort is not about sex mostly but also about caring for the emotional estate of the clients.

The male escort will start by connecting with the client through the chitchat, but this connection does not have to be too deep. The escorts will not be willing to know more about the clients than necessary.

Even if woman who needs male escorts may be different from one another, sometime they can be kept in categories.

Women who are in 40s

They are women who are divorced and separated and they do not want to deal with the drunken men in the bars, but they want people whom they can hang out with so that they may massage their egos. Some of these women can be regular but the reasons to get the male escorts are that they may not have got the sex for some time because they are busy. Some of the women can meet the crap men in online dating, but they will be looking for something, which is simple and without too much fuss.

Women in the 20s

They are girls who are still young and they want to get lessons and learn how they can deal with boyfriends or what to do if they will meet new partners. The women may also have been watching the porn. These women want to be reassured or validated that they are not that bad when they are in a bed.

Women who are over 50s

They are women who have got some money, but they may have not time. They can be having business to run or their partner may have died. They are clients who are looking more company but not sex. They need affection and touch.


Sometime men may book an escort for the wives to give them as a present or if they are not able to perform.

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